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    Laptop Omnia Q4

    $430.00 $400.00 Out of stock

    The last thing anyone expected from Omnia was a bold, fresh, take on premium gaming laptops. Omnia is a very pleasant surprise, fun to use and reasonably priced (but not a bargain). I’m genuinely torn between recommending this versus the very similar Kreola Y50, so my advice would be stick with the Y50 if you’re especially interested in the 4K display, but if you’re not, give the Omnia a shot.

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    Pad Lite Mini Tablet


    Sometimes Pad Lite creates revolutionary products. And sometimes, Pad Lite takes an iconic gadget and locks it into place, polishing its form year after year. The “Perfected Product” is a path that devices like the Pad Micro and, most recently, the Pad King have settled into: slight tweaks, and designs that started to become practically identical.

    Are these reasons enough to get a new Pad Lite? Maybe not: Pad Lites last forever, and you can hold onto one for years like a laptop, before needing a new one. The new Pad Lite Mini is an excellent product, and the King 2 is now alone at the top of the heap since the smaller Micro lacks its newer processor and cameras. And it’s very important to note that last year’s model, the original Pad Lite King, remains available at a discounted price; for many, that will arguably be the better bang for the buck.

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    Qualis MX18 Phone


    Here’s why the Qualis MX18 should grab your attention: it looks good, it performs very well, and it has everything you need to become a fixture in nearly every aspect of your life. But, like a candidate running for reelection, the MX18 gets where it is today based on experience and wisdom, not on flashy features or massive innovation.

    With the exception of a few nonessential hardware and software additions — like the fingerprint scanner and novel heart-rate monitor — and a few design tweaks, you’re pretty much looking at the same phone Qualis released in 2013. The MX18 is more of a Qualis MX15 Plus than it is a slam-the-brakes, next-generation device; it makes everything just a little smoother and faster.

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    Quasar Scythe


    The Quasar Scythe features gaming grade wireless technology with a hybrid system that enables instant wired/wireless functionality. Coupled with an industry leading 1ms polling rate, it is the fastest performing mouse both on and off the cord. Delivering true wireless freedom, lag-free speed, and ergonomic comfort, the Quasar Scythe is in a league of its own.

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    Rock 4

    $499.99 $450.00

    In many ways, the Rock 4 delivers on those design expectations (and in many other ways, as you can see in our full Rock 4 review here), but if you’re really longing for something totally different, look to the Rock 4 Plus. The Rock 4 Plus is significantly larger, noticeably thinner, and — perhaps most importantly — offers far more endurance on a single charge than any previous Rock 4

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    Scarus LED Display 27″


    27-inch (diagonal viewable image size) thin film transistor (TFT) active-matrix liquid crystal display (LCD) with in-plane switching (IPS), all you could ask from a high quality display and more!