Coding Knowledge NOT Required

No code required, works right out of the box

If you have zero coding skills The Creator is perfect choice for you. Try the demo and see for yourself

Don’t Learn to Code. Learn to Work With Technology!

If you have zero coding skills The Creator is perfect choice for you. Try the demo and see for yourself

Free Support & Updates


We realize that sometimes, you might have some problems with The Creator or just need to know how to best use one of the many elements and features. Feel free to contact us.


With so many different elements, we will continue to add even more awesome elements to this plugin.

With The Creator there are no boundaries

Sections & Columns

Add as much sections as you want and wherever you want


Drag whatever you want (section,column,element) and move to another location


Why not having fun while you’re doing your own website? This plugin gives you fun and it is increadebly easy to use. 

It is very simple and it saves you a lot of time. After you install the plugin you simple create a new page from WordPress backend.

Don’t Learn to Code. Learn to Work With Technology!PURCHASE NOW

Parallax and Video Backgrounds

Every Section

Change your boring sections with beautiful parallax & video backgrounds


You can also choose between lots of different overlays and there will be more of theme as updates will come

5,500+  Icons

The Creator gives you most icons so far

Eight different sets of icons. You can enable them all or just the ones that you need

It’s not enough?

If this is not enough icons for you or you just want your own icon set, of course you can do that to. See the documentation on how to add icon set in only few steps

Save and Load Layouts

Save what you have created

If you are using one layout more then once, save it and then you can load this layout on each new page

Load your layouts

For each blank page you will have the option to Load your previously created layout

70+ Elements

Easy to Customize

All element are incredibly easy to use, without single line of code

Tons of them

With over 70 elements included the new ones will come on every update

Element Options


Each of the modules comes with many functionality and styling options which allows countless variations to be made easily and without any coding


Want to change paddings, margin, font size, font families, border, background… it’s EASY

Translation Ready

Files Included

Our plugin is Translation Ready with included .po and .mo files


With the help of a translation editor like Poedit you can make your transactions quickly and easily.

With Modern and Unique Design The Creator Looks Like Part of WordPress

  • The Creator adapts to your style as you change your profile Color Scheme

  • Incredibly easy to use

  • Professional looking interface of the backend page builder

100% Responsive

All Elements

Every element will adapt and work on every type of device, regardless of the size, brand or model

For Future

You can be sure that your site will work on next year’s devices

Unlimited Colors

For everyone’s taste

We do not limit you to few color combinations. We understand that everyone has different taste

Unlimited color choices!

Color options are provided for each element using an advanced color selection tool with alpha opacity

Redo & Undo

You messed up something?

Don’t worry, just click Undo button until the contents come back as it was before

Deleted Something Wrong?

Easy! Redo as much steps as you need.

Powered by The Creator

Premium WordPress themes powered by The Creator Visual Page Builder for WordPress

Supported Plugins

Enable Full Window Mode

  • You want to concentrate only on The Creator

  • Don’t let that anything bothers you

  • Turn on Full Window Mode in just one click

Clean Code

  • we went through every line of code in order to be as clean as possible

  • as plugin is friendly for user it is also friendly for developers

  • The Creator is lightning fast, it went throught all tests

Don’t bother yourself with coding. All you need is your browser and The Creator.PURCHASE NOW